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USG-2 USB to NMEA 0183 Gateway
Safely connect your PC to your NMEA 0183 network.
Advanced technology for safe, reliable and simple connection of your NMEA 0183 devices to your PC’s USB port.
The USG-2 converts a USB port into a bi-directional serial port suitable for connecting to a marine standard NMEA 0183 data bus.

Electrical isolation is provided by the ISO-DriveTM output and OPTO-isolated input making installation simple and free from ground loops and far safer connection when compared to standard USB to serial converters.

Multiple LEDs make diagnosing connection issues quick and easy. The blue power LED Illuminates solid blue when the USB driver has successfully loaded and the USG-2 is powered, while a green (receive) LED and an orange (transmit) LED indicate whether data is present.

The pluggable screwless connector makes installation quick and easy, and the specifically designed DIN rail mount option ensures a reliable secure bulkhead mount for the USG-2.

Geek Mode
  • No firmware which means no configuration needed
  • Isolated inputs and outputs protect PC from damage
  • Compatible with all NMEA 0183 devices
  • Encapsulated electronics make the USG-2 robust for the harsh marine environment
  • High retention USB socket
  • Diagnostic LEDs to aid diagnosis
  • Baud rates from 300 to 230400 bps suit all NMEA 0183 networking bandwidths
  • Bulkhead mount, with optional DIN rail mount kit for quick and easy installation
  • Pluggable screwless connector with locking latch & strain relief

Technical Specification

Supply voltage 8 35 V
Supply current Supply voltage 12v (Min. load, Max. load) 6 70 mA
Supply voltage 24v (Min. load, Max. load) 4.8 40 mA
Input voltage tolerance Continuous operation -15 15 V
Short Term Operation (<1 sec) -35 35 V
Differential input voltage Required level for data to be detected 1.8 - V
Intput current - 2 mA
Input to output protection Full Galvanic Opto-isolation protection - 2000 V
RS485/RS422 out NMEA 0183 version 2-3
Output current RS485/RS422 compatible 15 40 mA
Differential output voltage 50 ohm load 2 - V
RS232 out NMEA 0183 version 1-3 & PC serial
Output current 5 10 mA
Output voltage  3k ohm load +/-5 - V
Baud rate - 57600 bps
Ambient temperature -20 70 °C
USG-2 USB to NMEA 0183 Gateway
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Gus Veness, Springwood Marine
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