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QNB-1 Quick Network Block
An Ideal NMEA 2000 networking solution for areas of high instrument density.
The Actisense QNB-1 provides instrument drops for up to six NMEA 2000 devices offering a flexible alternative to multiple T-pieces and reducing the cost of an NMEA 2000 installation.
The QNB-1 is available in two versions:
The QNB-1-PMW version is fitted with six standard NMEA 2000 M12 (Micro-fit) female connectors which allow 'plug and play' connections for quick and easy installation. A Raymarine STNG backbone can be wired to one side of the QNB-1 to combine standard NMEA 2000 with STNG without the need for adapter cables.

The QNB-1 version is fitted with glands to allow for installation of custom lengths of cable. This is a great option for ‘mix & matching’ standard NMEA 2000 devices with Raymarine STNG devices.

Both versions are fitted with LEDs that provide information during set up and use to indicate the presence of data, power status, polarity and to show whether the fuses are intact.

Geek Mode
  • One unit provides six NMEA 2000 drops
  • Power hook up is protected
  • Simple installation on Mini and Micro networks
  • Mix & match NMEA 2000 with Raymarine STNG

Technical Specification

Supply voltage 10-35V DC
Supply current, Supply voltage 12/24v (no load) 10mA
Micro cable fused protection 8A
Mini cable fused protection 16A
Baud rate 4800 - 250000 baud
M16 gland camping range 4.5 - 10 mm
M20 gland clamping range 6 - 12 mm
QNB-1-PMW drop connections DeviceNet Standard, M12, Micro-C, female
Approvals & Certifications
Ambient temperature -20 - 70 °C 
Guarantee 3 Years
NMEA 2000 Certified
QNB-1 Quick Network Block
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