PC-OPTO-3 NMEA to RS232 Opto-isolator
The OPTO-3 is no longer in production. Please see the current OPTO-4 for the most advanced serial adaptor cable.
The Actisense PC-OPTO-3 is particularly suited to 'noisy' and/or commercial environments as it provides a complete solution for system builders who require all components to be shielded.
The PC-OPTO-3 features as standard, a fully shielded case and cable, making it completely reliable.

The easy, safe and low-cost way to connect an NMEA 0183 system to any device with a standard RS232 9-pin port, e.g. a laptop PC. The PC-OPTO-3 is a bi-directional NMEA 0183 (RS422) to RS232 interface cable. The Opto-isolation protects the connected device, offering complete peace of mind.

Port-powered (from the PC), the PC-OPTO-3 makes installation quick and trouble-free.
Geek Mode

Technical Specification

Supply voltage Derived from computer serial port 7 15 V
Supply current Derived from computer serial port 2 5 mA
NMEA in/out        
Input voltage tolerance

Continuous operation

Short term operation (<1 sec)







Differential input voltage Required level for data to be detected 1.8 - V
Output voltage Dependant on computer serial port +/-5 +/-15 V
Output current Dependant on computer serial port - 10 mA
Input to output protection Full Galvanic Opto-isolation - 2000 V
RS232 in/out        
Input voltage tolerance   -15 +15 V
Input voltage threshold

Logical LOW

Logical HIGH







Output voltage range 3k ohm load, "V" = RS232 port voltage -V +V V
Output resistance Output voltage swing +/- 2V 200 - ohm
Baud rate 2400 57600 bps
Ambient temperature -20 +70 °C
PC-OPTO-3 NMEA to RS232 Opto-isolator
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"We have been working with Actisense for more than 9 years now. Our sales in terms of units raise to a 4 digit figure. As far as I can remember, we have returned just one NMEA Buffer back to the manufacturer under warranty. That says it all."
Alberto Olmos, Sales Director, Aage Hempel Crame
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