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OPTO-4 Serial OPTO Isolator
Safely connect your PC to your NMEA 0183 network.
The Actisense OPTO-4 is a bi-directional interface cable which provides a safe method of connecting an NMEA 0183 system to a standard 9-pin port serial port (RS232).
The isolation protects the connected device, so any potentially hazardous voltages on the NMEA 0183 bus do not cause damage to the PC hardware, offering the user complete peace of mind.

The OPTO-4 is particularly suited to 'noisy' or commercial environments, as it provides a complete solution for system builders who require all components to be shielded. As it is port-powered (from the PC), the OPTO-4 is quick and trouble-free to install.

The unique Actisense design integrates an over-moulded case for excellent water resistance and a small footprint to ease installation into tight spaces.

Geek Mode
  • One OPTO-isolated input to protect your PC from ground loop damage
  • One NMEA output
  • Up to 115200 baud
  • Powered via PC serial port for simple installation
  • Shielded cable and case make it suitable for electrically noisy environments

Technical Specification

NMEA Listener / Input Isolation 2kV Opto-Isolation between Red / Black NMEA Input Pair and all other Connections
NMEA Listener / Input Voltage +/-15V Continuous Maximum
+/-35V Max < 1 Second
NMEA Listener / Input Signal Thresholds Logic ‘0’ +2V to +15V, Logic ‘1’-15V to 0V
NMEA Talker / Output Voltage & Current Dependant on Host RS232 Interface. Typically +/-5V to +/-15V @ 10mA Max
RS232 Voltage on Host +/-7V to +/-15V
RS232 Port Total Current Consumption 2mA to 5mA depending on RS232 Voltage
Speed / Baud Rate 4800 to 115200 Baud
Housing Material PVC Black
Thumb Screw Material PVC Orange
Screw Steel, Nickel Plated, M2.8 Thread
DB9 Connector 9 Pin Female
Cable Length 1.5m
Cable Wire 22AWG (17/34AWG) Tinned Stranded Copper
Cable Jacket PVC
Shield Internal Copper Foil Shield
Cable Outer Diameter 5.5mm
Approvals and Certifications
Operating Temperature -20°C to +70°C
Electrical Specification Meets IEC 61162-2
Weight 100g
Guarantee 3 Years
UL Certification Cable E137250
RoHS Compliant
OPTO-4 Serial OPTO Isolator
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“I can’t stress enough how clean the Actisense products installed, the quality of the equipment and NMEA cabling, and how well everything works.”
Joe Wharton, Wharton Boatworks LC, USA
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