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DST-1 DST Module
This version of the DST is no longer in production. Please see the current DST-2 model.
Replaced by: DST-2
The Actisense Active Depth, Speed & Temperature module is the best solution for interfacing standard analogue transducers and NMEA 0183 compatible chart plotters, radars, and on-board laptop PC’s.
Designed for use with most existing analogue transducers already fitted to a vessel, or new analogue transducers. Our industry proven depth sounder algorithm has the best-in-class seabed tracking, and when in conjunction with a good quality depth transducer, can track the seabed down to 0.3m or 1 foot (proven with Airmar transducers).

100W peak depth power enables a maximum depth range of 200m or 660 feet under optimum conditions (proven with Airmar transducers). 150 KHz & 200 KHz depth transducer frequencies are available to match most existing transducers. For enhanced interference rejection (from other sounders), a 235 KHz capable module is also available.

Log transducer and temperature thermistor interfaces allow additional data to be provided over the NMEA data stream, giving a cable saving. Easy reprogramming of the DST module’s software is possible, to include the very latest software enhancements or customisations.

The DST module’s data interface is configured for NMEA 0183, but can operate as a fully bi-directional RS485 interface for customised applications, such as an on-board multiple depth sounder network.
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Technical Specification

Supply voltage 11 28 V
Supply current Supply voltage 12v 30 40 mA
Supply voltage 24v 30 40 mA
NMEA in/out
Input voltage tolerance Continuous operation -15 15 V
Differential input voltage Required level for data to be detected 2 - V
Output current RS485 / RS422 compatible - 10 mA
Baud rate Customisable (at engineering cost) 4800 - bps
Data output rate Customisable (at engineering cost) - 1 sec
Depth Sensor dependent (Configurable Cal)
Range (narrow beam) Airmar P66, P79, < 10 knots, ideal conditions 0.3 200 metres
Range (wide beam) Airmar DT800, < 10 knots, ideal conditions 0.5 150 metres
Range (narrow beam) Airmar P66, P79, 10-40 knots, ideal conditions 0.3 100 metres
Range (wide beam) Airmar DT800, 10-40 knots, ideal conditions 0.5 100 metres
Speed Sensor dependent (Configurable Cal)
Range Airmar P66, DST800, calibrated 5 Hz / knot 0.5 50 knots
Temperature Sensor dependent (Configurable Cal)
Range Airmar, calibrated 10k @ 25 °C -10 50 °C
Ambient temperature -20 70 °C
DST-1 DST Module
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"Just a quick mail to say well done, the EMU-1 is a great idea and it's easy to use and setup."
Colin Coady, Colin Coady Marine
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