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A2K-PMW Panel Mounted Wire Connectors
Panel mount wired connectors available from Actisense allow NMEA 2000 installations through watertight bulkheads (or panels) to be achieved.
Waterproof seals ensure the integrity of the NMEA 2000 connection and the bulkhead/panel.
The female panel mount wired connector can easily replace any of the existing 'drop' glands on the Actisense QNB-1 to create a quick pluggable NMEA 2000 connection option.

Part numbers:
A2K-PMW-F NMEA 2000 micro, rear panel mount wired connector Female
A2K-PMW-M NMEA 2000 micro, rear panel mount wired connector Male

The Actisense range of NMEA 2000 connectors and cables has been designed using our specialist interconnect and NMEA knowledge.

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Technical Specification

Rated Current 4A
Rated Voltage 60VDC
Contacts Brass, gold plated
Contact Carrier Nylon & GF
Contact Polarisation Standard M12 -“A”- polarisation
Mating Thread M12
Housing Brass, nickel plated
Mounting Thread PG9 (see diagram)
Mounting Nut Brass, nickel plated - PG9
Mounting Hole Dimensions 15.3 mm (diameter)
Wires 18 AWG (stripped and tinned)
Wire Jacket PVC
Weight 20g
Approvals and Certifications
Protection IP67 (when mated)
Operating Temperature -25°C to +90°C
Connector Specification Meets IEC61076-2-101
NMEA 2000 Approved
RoHS Compliant
UL Certified (E321413)
A2K-PMW Panel Mounted Wire Connectors
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“Actisense support was amazingly prompt and all issues during development were dealt with in careful detail. We are delighted to be associated with such a professional and effective supplier. Without Actisense our product would not be possible.”
Graham Shannon, President, Avia Design Group
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