What’s the easiest way to buffer my NMEA 0183 data?

Introducing the Actisense NBF-3 NMEA Buffer. Download the full Features, Advantages and Benefits sheet below and watch the short highlights video to discover why the NBF-3 will be an important part of your NMEA 0183 network.

NBF-3: Features, Advantages & Benefits

Safely drive up to six NMEA Listeners, with power distribution for the connected Talker.

The NBF-3 NMEA Buffer isolates and buffers NMEA 0183 data, with the power to drive multiple devices. Able to distribute up to six identical, amplified streams of data from one source, the NMEA signals are buffered to ensure that each Listener receives the data at the required voltage levels, providing consistent data quality. 

NBF-3: Video

Here is a short 1 minute video to give you the highlights of why the Actisense NBF-3 will be the ideal tool on your NMEA 0183 network.


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