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Case Study – Updates to NGW-1 and EMU-1

Tech Support Engineer, Owen Vachell visits a local customer to test and demonstrate the new features added in the latest round of updates to the NGW-1 and EMU-1.

6th December 2018
Convert between NMEA 0183 and NMEA 2000 with the NGW 1
Save money on your marine electronics by keeping some of your older gear and using the NGW-1 to convert the NMEA 0183 data from it to NMEA 2000
31st October 2018
Multiple products
Product Schematics
ZIP 1.6MB. ZIP folder containing schematic diagrams of example installations for all Actisense products.
9th April 2018
Press Release
Actisense Donation to Help NCI Keep a Close Watch on UK Shores
25th March 2018
Manuals Quick Start Guide Tech Talk Documents Wiring Guide
Multiple products
Complete Guide to Building an NMEA 2000 Network
PDF 2.2MB. Everything you need to know for building an NMEA 2000 network.
4th January 2018
NGW 1 Normal LED Behaviour

The primary function of the NGW-1’s NMEA 0183 LED is to indicate reception of a valid NMEA 0183 sentence. The NMEA 2000 LEDs main function is to indicate reception of a PGN on the NGW-1 conversion list. It is normal for the NMEA 0183 LED to flash faster than the NMEA 2000 LED due to the smaller

13th February 2017
Data Sheets
NGW-1 – Data Sheets Issue 4.00
PDF 1MB. The data sheet provides an overview of the NGW-1 features and abilities.
7th November 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 USB Drivers Install Manual
22nd May 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 Signed USB Drivers
22nd May 2016
“I can’t stress enough how clean the Actisense products installed, the quality of the equipment and NMEA cabling, and how well everything works.”
Joe Wharton, Wharton Boatworks LC, USA
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