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Actisense is dedicated to providing up-to-date software and resources for our products. Use the filters to find resources, and read the latest news and from the NMEA specialists.
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Multiple products
Product Schematics
ZIP 1.6MB. ZIP folder containing schematic diagrams of example installations for all Actisense products.
9th April 2018
Manuals Quick Start Guide Tech Talk Documents Wiring Guide
Multiple products
Complete Guide to Building an NMEA 2000 Network
PDF 2.2MB. Everything you need to know for building an NMEA 2000 network.
4th January 2018
Data Sheets
EMU-1 Data Sheet issue 4.00
PDF 1.2MB. The data sheet provides an overview of the EMU-1 features and abilities.
7th November 2016
Software Release Notes
Multiple products
Actisense Toolkit v1.011.004 – Software and Release Notes
ZIP 20MB. Download Toolkit to configure the EMU-1 and change firmware in all PRO range products. The release notes explain new features and known issues.
5th September 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 USB Drivers Install Manual
22nd May 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 Signed USB Drivers
22nd May 2016
EMU-1 User Manual Issue 1.06
PDF 2.62MB. The manual details everything you need to know about the EMU-1.
4th November 2015
EMU-1 Release v0.070 – Release notes
TXT 4.83KB. Actisense highly recommends that all EMU-1 customers upgrade to the latest version of the firmware. The release notes explain the new features, bug fixes and known issues.
8th October 2014
Actisense Actipatch v1.015
EXE 3.53MB. It is highly recommended that you update your EMU-1 to this latest firmware version (v0.070) using Actisense ActiPatch v1.015. See the release notes for details. Note: - Actipatch v1.015 will load firmware version (v0.070) onto your EMU-1 - Please use the Actisense EMU-1 Configuration Tool v1.031 to configure your EMU-1 once it has been updated to firmware version v0.070. Please follow us on Twitter @ActisenseTech to be notified about future software & firmware releases. Please see the FAQ 'How do I reload the firmware on a EMU-1 using ActiPatch (beta)?' for instructions on how to use this program.
8th October 2014
"I have installed our first EMU-1 on Honda BF-90 outboard and I'm very pleased with ease of configuration. I have even produced short YouTube promo clip to present the new product in our portfolio."
Petar Maksimovic, INFO TEAM d.o.o
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