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Actisense is dedicated to providing up-to-date software and resources for our products. Use the filters to find resources, and read the latest news and from the NMEA specialists.

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The Relationship Between Marine Electronics and Wi-Fi
19th August 2019
NBF-3 Declaration of Conformity
PDF 153KB. Details the Declaration of Conformity for the Actisense NBF-3
15th August 2019
Firmware Release Notes
W2K-1 firmware v1.004 – Release notes
TEXT 2KB. Release Notes that describe the changes to the W2K-1 firmware. Read to understand if the changes to the firmware are of interest to you.
14th August 2019
W2K-1 firmware v1.004
ZIP 4.4MB. Upload this zip file to a W2K-1 using it's web interface to update the firmware to v1.004. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are updating from W2K-1 firmware v1.000, please change the filename of the zip after downloading to "W2K-1-Release v1.004.zip" (by changing the "-" in front of the "v1.004" to a space " ").
14th August 2019
Press Release
W2K-1 FAB (Features – Advantage – Benefits)
6th August 2019
A2K Field Fit Connectors presentation

Video #10 is presenting Actisense A2K Field Fit Connectors that provide reliable and watertight connections and allow full customisation of your NMEA 2000 network cabling.

6th August 2019
W2K-1 Declaration of Conformity
PDF 112Kb. View the EU Declaration of Conformity for the W2K-1 NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway.
1st August 2019
Release Notes
Multiple products
Actisense Toolkit v1.048.019 – Release Notes
Text 20KB. Release Notes that describe the changes to Actisense Toolkit. Read to understand if the changes to latest Actisense Toolkit are of interest to you.
19th July 2019
Software Update
Multiple products
Actisense Toolkit v1.048.019
ZIP 29MB. Installer (inside a zip file) for Actisense Toolkit. This allows upgrade/downgrade of firmware in an EMU-1, PRO-BUF-1, PRO-MUX-1 and NDC-5 , plus full configuration of an EMU-1 and NGW-1. Please read the separate release notes text file to understand what has changed and if the updates are of interest to you.
19th July 2019
"With a staff of some of the sharpest engineering minds in the industry and a relentless drive to innovate, Actisense has achieved a standard of quality and reliability most companies only hope for. Their innovative designs and top-quality manufacturing result in a broad range of solutions infused with durability and value. We are proud to share in their success and without hesitation, recommend Actisense solutions to all of our customers."
Peter Braffitt, General Manager, GEMECO Marine Accessories
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