1 in and 6 out: How can there be 6 outputs when there are only 5 grommets?

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To make the Actisense NMEA Buffer module highly cost competitive, the module case only has 5 ‘waterproof’ grommets. What grommet is used for what purpose is entirely flexible and up to the user, but it has been designed thus:

  • 1 x battery power input
    2-core cable (bottom grommet)
  • 1 x NMEA data input
    2-core twisted pair cable (top left grommet)
  • 1-6 x NMEA data outputs
    Utilise the 3 remaining grommets as required.

When more than 3 outputs are required, multi ‘twisted pair’ cable is required to share the 3 output grommets between the 6 outputs.

If it is more practical, any of the inputs or outputs could obviously be combined together in a multi-core cable and share a cable grommet – the module is totally flexible.