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NGW-1 Wiring Connections

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There is a diagram on page 6 of the NGW-1 User Manual that illustrates the connections from the NGW-1 to an NMEA 0183 device.  The same diagram can be seen below.

NGW-1 connections to NMEA 0183 Talker and Listeners

To clarify these instructions:
The red and black pair are the NGW-1 Listener pair (RX) for connecting to the output of an NMEA 0183 Talker (TX).
The white and blue pair are the NGW-1 Talker pair (TX) for connecting to the input of NMEA 0183 Listener (RX).

NGW-1 connection to NMEA 2000 network

The diagram below provides a good example of how the NMEA 2000 network should be designed and how the NGW-1 fits in between your NMEA 0183 device(s) and the network.