Difference Between NGT-1 and NGW-1

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Here is the difference between the NGT-1 and the NGW-1:

1. NGT-1: NMEA 2000 PC Interface – allows NMEA 2000/SeaTalkNG messages to be read by an application and also allows that application to send NMEA 2000 messages back to the network.
The NGT-1 does not understand NMEA 0183.

The most common variant sold is the NGT-1-USB as that is the easiest method of getting NMEA 2000 data to a PC. We also sell the NGT-1-ISO for customers who do not want USB (and its drivers) in their system.
An NGT-1 working with NMEA Reader is a very powerful NMEA 2000 network diagnostic tool as it is capable of understanding every currently available NMEA2000 PGN.

2. NGW-1: NMEA 2000 to NMEA 0183 Gateway – converts between the old and the new NMEA protocols bi-directionally. It cannot be used to transfer NMEA 2000 messages to the PC; the serial port only understands NMEA 0183.

The most common variant sold is the NGW-1-ISO for direct connection to an NMEA 0183 Talker/Listener device. We also sell the NGW-1-USB for customers who want an easy method of getting NMEA 0183 data to their PC.