Using/Viewing NMEA 2000 Data on a PC

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To view the NMEA 2000 data on your network you will require an Actisense NGT-1 and our freely available NMEA Reader software.  Together, these become great NMEA 2000 diagnostic tools.  As your NMEA 2000/SeaTalkNG network grows, being able to see what messages and devices are on your network will become vital to help you understand any issues:

The Actisense NGT-1 is a very versatile PC Interface that works with a wide range of Windows based software. If you are using a Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris or Mac computer, using a Windows emulator / compatibility layer such as WINE allows Windows programs like NMEA Reader to run. *Note: Not all OS versions are supported with WINE. Check that your OS is compatible*

Once the NGT-1 is connected and NMEA Reader is downloaded and installed, you can view all PGNs on the NMEA2000 network via NMEA Reader.