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How do I connect Yanmar Panel B “idiot-light” alarms to Actisense EMU-1?

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You may find that the Yanmar Panel B won’t allow you to connect your “idiot-light” circuit in parallel, as the EMU-1’s 50kohm input impedance may be enough to very slightly activate a sensitive engine buzzer. However, you could try the following fix:

– Break the output from the alarm sender and connect it to a relay on the low side with V-Ignition on the high side of the coil.

– Tie the common of the relay output to ground and connect the NO contact to the idiot light.

– On the NC contact, tie that to V-Ignition with a 2Kohm resistor and connect it to the EMU-1 input.

– Set the EMU-1 so that the alarm is active when the voltage is above (say) 5 Volts.

If the above fix doesn’t solve it for you, please contact our support team by raising a ticket here