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How do I configure the EMU-1?

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The EMU Configuration Tool is used to configure an EMU-1. An Actisense NGT-1 is also required as an NMEA 2000 PC Interface to allow configuring of the EMU-1 remotely over the NMEA 2000 network.

The tool itself is simple to use:

  • The EMU-1 device to be configured is selected from a list of NMEA 2000 devices.
  • The engine instance is specified for each “Gauge”, “Alarm” and “Tacho” input.
  • The input voltage monitor destination PGN field is specified (if required).
  • The parameter / gauge type is specified for each active “Gauge” input.
  • The alarm level and direction is specified for each active “Alarm” input.
  • The tacho PPR ratio is specified for each active “Tacho” input.
  • The configuration settings are sent to the EMU-1 by pressing “Send to EMU” button.

The EMU Configuration Tool User Manual details how to perform all of the configuration operations necessary to customise the EMU-1 to an individual installation. As the EMU Configuration Tool will be updated regularly, please ensure that the latest version is being used.