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My GPS unit can output its data at a baud rate of 9600bps. How can do I configure the NDC to accept this baud rate?

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By default, the Actisense NDC-4 uses the NMEA 0183 default communication speed of 4800 Baud (bits per second) for all of its NMEA input ports.

However, if the users GPS unit allows the data to be output at 9600 Baud / BPS, then the Actisense NDC-4 can be configured (using the Control Centre PC software) to accept this as an input. This will reduce the time taken for the GPS unit to transfer the data to the Actisense NDC and so allow more time to handle the data.

All the NMEA input ports (except for input 4) can have their Baud rates set to any standard rate between 4800 and 38400 (for NMEA high-speed v3.0 support). They also offer the option to set the Baud rate to 57600 – allowing for future support of very high speed AIS transponders.

Please note that the Baud rate of opto input 1 is shared with the ‘NMEA Data Combined’ output (ISO-Drive output 1), so the required output Baud rate must be considered when changing input Baud rate of input 1.