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Can I connect more than one NMEA Listener device to a single NBF-3 Talker port?

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Yes, but there are several things to consider; firstly, each NBF-3 Talker port can drive up to 20mA. Check the sum of currents for all the NMEA Listener devices does not exceed 20mA. As a guide, the NMEA 0183 specification states that an NMEA 0183 Listener port should not draw more than 2mA, but some do require more.

Also, each Talker port is fully isolated; however the NBF-3 cannot provide isolation between the multiple Listener devices connected to a single Talker port. Connecting more than one NMEA Listener device is only recommended when all devices are known to have isolated inputs.

The total cable length and cable quality will also affect the number of devices that can be connected.