Converting Multiple NMEA 0183 Talkers to NMEA 2000

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Unfortunately it is not possible in any NMEA 0183 networking situation to connect the output of more than one Talker to the input of one or more Listener/s.  To convert data from more than one NMEA 0183 Talker to NMEA 2000 you have two choices.

Combination & Conversion

Use an NMEA 0183 multiplexer like the Actisense NDC-5 to combine the output of the Talkers.  Then use an NGW-1 to convert the output from the NDC-5 to NMEA 2000.

Suggested retail price (SRP) for this solution:

1x NDC-5 = £301.79*
1x NGW-1 = £124.72*

Total = £426.51*

Simply convert

Use a dedicated NGW-1 for each NMEA 0183 Talker.

SRP for this solution:

2x NGW-1 = £248.30*
3x NGW-1 = £372.45*
4x NGW-1 = £496.60*


Combining multiple sources of NMEA 0183 data in to a central location (like a multiplexer) can become complicated, which means that there is high potential for data errors. 

In addition, as indicated by the different SRP solutions, it is just as cost effective to have four NGW-1’s as it is to have one NDC-5 and one NGW-1.  Particularly when considering the potential time spent in diagnosing the typical issues experienced with multiplexing.

*Note: prices shown above are the Actisense suggested retail price and exclusive of taxes and shipping.  The price available from your dealer may differ. Accurate as of 21.01.2020