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Actisense is dedicated to providing up-to-date software and resources for our products. Use the filters to find resources, and read the latest news and from the NMEA specialists.

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PDF 153KB. Details the Declaration of Conformity for the Actisense NBF-3

TEXT 2KB. Release Notes that describe the changes to the W2K-1 firmware. Read to understand if the changes to the firmware are of interest to you.

ZIP 4.4MB. Upload this zip file to a W2K-1 using it's web interface to update the firmware to v1.004. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are updating from W2K-1 firmware v1.000, please change the filename of the zip after downloading to "W2K-1-Release v1.004.zip" (by changing the "-" in front of the "v1.004" to a space " ").

PDF 112Kb. View the EU Declaration of Conformity for the W2K-1 NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway.

Text 20KB. Release Notes that describe the changes to Actisense Toolkit. Read to understand if the changes to latest Actisense Toolkit are of interest to you.

ZIP 29MB. Installer (inside a zip file) for Actisense Toolkit. This allows upgrade/downgrade of firmware in an EMU-1, PRO-BUF-1, PRO-MUX-1 and NDC-5 , plus full configuration of an EMU-1 and NGW-1. Please read the separate release notes text file to understand what has changed and if the updates are of interest to you.

Software Update

EXE 14.6MB. EBL Reader (PC software application) can view and decode any EBL log file recorded by NMEA Reader or Actisense Toolkit. These recorded data files enable basic diagnosis and analysis of NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 network issues. It now has added support for the new CAN-Raw (BST-95) message format that is used for all data logging on Actisense W2K-1.

PDF 1.96MB. The user manual details everything you need to know about the W2K-1. As each W2K-1 firmware version requires a specific version of this user manual to detail its configuration options, the matching user manual can be directly downloaded from the W2K-1 device itself via its web interface.

ISO Certification

Data Sheets

PDF 486KB. The data sheet provides an overview of the A2K-SBN features and abilities.

"One of our customers have installed an EMU-1 to a CAT Diesel for measuring RPM. The readings are very stable, and they are very impressed. So are we."
Hakan Blumenthal, Odelco
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