News | 29 June, 2018
Actisense NDC-4 Vs NDC-5

The release of the NDC-5 has posed an important question from customers who know, and are used to, the older NDC-4; “What’s the difference with the old one (NDC-4)”. 

The main design objective up front was to create a more powerful and flexible NMEA 0183 multiplexer which is maintainable in the future.  The most important improvements can be seen in the table illustrated below.

NDC-4 Vs NDC-5
Yes Yes
Inputs (inc. serial port) 5 6
Outputs (inc. serial port) 2 3
Dedicated serial port Yes
Ethernet port Yes
Config tool Windows only Any popular web browser on any OS
Basic data filtering Yes Yes
Advanced data routing Yes
Safe USB connection while powered via a battery Yes
Data overload LED indication Yes
Alarm messages Yes
Pluggable connectors (quicker and easier installation) Yes
DIN rail mount Yes
Weather sealed IP66 (when installation instructions carefully followed) IP66
"We have been working with Actisense for more than 9 years now. Our sales in terms of units raise to a 4 digit figure. As far as I can remember, we have returned just one NMEA Buffer back to the manufacturer under warranty. That says it all."
Alberto Olmos, Sales Director, Aage Hempel Crame
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