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News | 11 July, 2018
Actisense Directors receive Poole Council Sports grant

Husband & Wife Company Directors Receive Sports Grant To Support Fitness in Community
Husband and wife Directors at Actisense have received a Poole Sports Grant to help them coach running and promote wellbeing in the community.
Phil Whitehurst and Michele Whitehurst, the CEO and Company Secretary at Actisense, the multi award-winning marine electronics brand based in Poole, have been awarded a Poole Sports Council. The grant will help them to achieve the next level of their run coaching qualification. Together they aim to teach others and spread their enthusiasm for competitive running across Poole.
In conjunction with the Borough of Poole, the Poole Sports Council awards special grants to clubs and individuals who assist them in their mission to support all types of sports and sporting activities within the region. Both Phil and Michele are experienced runners and aspiring coaches. They now plan to give back to the community and inspire others to improve their health and fitness through running.
Phil Whitehurst, said:
“We are extremely pleased to receive this award. The grant will help us to progress our run coaching qualifications to the next stage and we look forward to attending our next four-day course in September.”
Michele Whitehurst, said:
“We would like to thank the Poole Sports Council for presenting us with this grant. Looking to the future, we will be spreading awareness for the benefits of competitive running and getting more people interested in the sport locally.’’
Raising sponsorship money for various charities over the years, Phil has to date, taken on 48 marathons around the world. He has been joined on many occasions by Michele, who is also a Run Director at the Upton House Parkrun. At the organisation, Michele has helped to organise and facilitate the run which has grown over the last year to host over 250 runners of all levels every week.
Poole Sports Council Chairman, Sue Coombs said:
“Having taken part in international competitions and numerous running initiatives, we believe Phil and Michele are excellent Poole based ambassadors for the sport. We’re delighted to offer our support and wish them well in achieving their next run coaching qualifications.”

"With a staff of some of the sharpest engineering minds in the industry and a relentless drive to innovate, Actisense has achieved a standard of quality and reliability most companies only hope for. Their innovative designs and top-quality manufacturing result in a broad range of solutions infused with durability and value. We are proud to share in their success and without hesitation, recommend Actisense solutions to all of our customers."
Peter Braffitt, General Manager, GEMECO Marine Accessories
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