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Support and Guarantee


Actisense is dedicated to providing comprehensive support for all products in the range. The Actisense team aims to offer a quick and efficient pre and post-sale advice service to customers to answer any questions arising before or after purchase.  

You can have peace of mind in your purchase as all Actisense products come with a three year guarantee. Actisense 'PRO' products come with a five year guarantee.

Any unit found to be faulty will be repaired or replaced free of charge by Active Research Ltd, unless the damage occurred against the technical advice provided within the manuals.

Should a problem occur with an Actisense product, please follow this sequence of support:

1. Register your product on the Actisense website, using the Product Registration form, so that all of your contact information is on record.

2. Use the troubleshooting sections of the product user manual to try and solve the issue.

3. Check the FAQ section within the product information on the Actisense website.

4. If the issue is still unresolved, please contact Actisense Support for advice.

5. If the Support Team determines that the product should be returned, a returns number will be issued.
Products should not be returned without prior contact and a returns number being issued. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a delay in processing the returned products and a fee may be charged if the product is found to be fault free.

Once a returns number has been issued, it must be clearly displayed on the returns packaging and any documentation therein. 

If necessary, Active Research Ltd reserves the right to replace the item with a new item of the same or improved specification. 

Active Research Ltd may request proof of purchase to confirm a unit is still within the guarantee period. 

It is recommended that all products purchased are registered via the website to ensure optimum after sales service. 


Product Datasheets

Datasheets are available for every Actisense product and can be found in the individual product pages in the 'Downloads' section. These provide information about the products features and detail the specifications.  

Product User Manuals

User manuals are available for every Actisense product and can be found in the individual product pages in the 'Downloads' section. User manuals detail the information to assist with the successful installation of a product. They provide information about the use of a product and how to troubleshoot any issues.

Product Registration

Registration of a product is an important first step to future support requests.


FAQs are available for every Actisense product and can be found in the individual product pages in the 'FAQ' section. Answers to the most frequently asked questions are provided.

Firmware Updates

Firmware updates for Actisense products are found in the individual product pages in the 'Downloads' section.Software running inside the Actisense product that determines how the product operates.

Software Updates

The PC software program used to re-configure, control and/or monitor the Actisense product.

Retired Actisense Products

The products that have retired from manufacture are all found in the Retired section in the products menu. Datasheets, manuals, updates and other supporting documentation can be found in the 'Downloads' section of the individual product pages.

Actisense Press Pack

The pack contains hi-resolution product photos, Actisense logos, datasheets, press releases and more. The press pack can be accessed from the 'About Us' section of the website.  







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