RS485 to RS232

The RS485-1 is no longer in production.







The Actisense® RS485 to RS232 adapter cable (RS485-1) contains a full RS485 bi-directional, half duplex (automatic change over between receive and transmit) interface, with protection against electrostatic discharge included. This does not provide the complete protection of the Actisense® Opto-isolator OPTO-1 device, as the ground connection is common, but it will protect a PC against most common noise spikes present on a boat.

Designed primarily for use in re-programming the Actisense® DST-2 modules and the Actisense® Active transducers (TDR).

When new software becomes available on the Actisense® website, this adapter cable enables the flash update ActiPatch software to connect to the sensor and download new software.

No external power supply is required as the cable takes all necessary power from the RS232/PC port. Simple installation requires wiring the open end to the NMEA device, and plugging the D-type connector into the PC serial port.




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