Micro Gender Changer Cable Assemblies

Use to connect 'male to male' or 'female to female' on a NMEA 2000 backbone...











An Actisense gender changer can be used between two cable connectors of the same type and gender, enabling installers to overcome the problem of connecting two devices or cables which have the same gender of connector on an NMEA 2000® backbone.  

Manufactured using Actisense designed connectors and with 0.25m UL certified cable, the gender changers offer easy and secure connections.

The gender changers are available in male and female versions:

Part numbers:

A2K-GCF-0M25         Micro gender changer (female to female), 0.25 metre UL certified cable

A2K-GCM-0M25        Micro gender changer (male to male) 0.25 metre UL certified cable

The Actisense range of NMEA 2000 connectors and cables has been designed using our specialist interconnect and NMEA knowledge. All Actisense products are NMEA 2000 certified and fully compatible with other NMEA 2000 connectors and devices.  

All Actisense connectors follow the DeviceNet® standard.

For Actisense trunk drop cable (TDC) assemblies in various lengths, please visit the A2K-TDC page.     




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