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Who are the NMEA and what is NMEA 2000?

The first of the Actisense NMEA 2000 video series. Catch the whole series where we will be giving the low down on how to install, extend and manage an NMEA 2000 network. New episode every Tuesday on our Facebook page:

18th July 2017
TechTuesday PRO BUF 1

This week, Actisense Tech Support Engineer Owen talks about the basic features in the PRO-BUF-1.

28th February 2017
Tech Tuesday NMEA 2000

Actisense cover some basic details of NMEA 2000 in this edition of #TechTuesday. Catch the next edition LIVE on Facebook:

14th February 2017
NGW 1 Normal LED Behaviour

The primary function of the NGW-1’s NMEA 0183 LED is to indicate reception of a valid NMEA 0183 sentence. The NMEA 2000 LEDs main function is to indicate reception of a PGN on the NGW-1 conversion list. It is normal for the NMEA 0183 LED to flash faster than the NMEA 2000 LED due to the smaller

13th February 2017
Tech Tuesday NGW 1

Actisense Tech Support Engineer and resident NMEA 2000 expert answering your questions on the NGW-1.

7th February 2017
TechTuesday 1 EMU1

The first Actisense Tech Tuesday, Owen discusses the EMU-1 and answers a few questions.

2nd February 2017
"One of our customers have installed an EMU-1 to a CAT Diesel for measuring RPM. The readings are very stable, and they are very impressed. So are we."
Hakan Blumenthal, Odelco
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