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Product Schematics

ZIP 1.6MB. ZIP folder containing schematic diagrams of example installations for all Actisense products.

9th April 2018
Data Sheets
USG 2 Data Sheet Issue 2.0

PDF 890KB. The data sheet provides an overview of the USG-2 features and abilities.

21st October 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 USB Drivers Install Manual
22nd May 2016
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense WinXP Vista-7-10 Signed USB Drivers
22nd May 2016
USG-2 User Manual Issue 1.02

PDF 2.042KB. The manual details everything you need to know about the USG-2.

11th March 2016
Software Release Notes
Multiple products
NMEA Reader v1.517 – Release Notes

TXT 14KB. The details required to decide if you should upgrade your NMEA Reader software to the latest version. This could be due to new features, new options, or 'bug fixes'.

24th November 2013
Software Update
Multiple products
EBL Reader v1.200

EXE 975KB. The 'EBL Reader' PC software allows any EBL log files recorded by 'NMEA Reader' to be viewed. These recorded data files enable basic diagnosis and analysis of NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 network problems.

28th September 2012
USB Driver Updates
Multiple products
Actisense MAC OS X USB Drivers
4th October 2011
Multiple products
NMEA Reader & EBL Reader – User Manual Issue 1.00

PDF 1.15MB. The 'NMEA Reader' software utility allows NGT-1 owners to view and decode NMEA 2000 information directly from the NMEA 2000 network, plus the ability to view and decode NMEA 0183 data (typically via a USG-1 or NGW-1). The 'EBL Reader' software utility allows any EBL log files recorded by Actisense 'NMEA Reader' to be viewed and analysed at leisure. Vital for diagnosing network issues remotely. The 'NMEA Reader' & 'EBL Reader' software utilities enable anyone to become an NMEA master and diagnose their own networks.

28th February 2011
“Actisense support was amazingly prompt and all issues during development were dealt with in careful detail. We are delighted to be associated with such a professional and effective supplier. Without Actisense our product would not be possible.”
Graham Shannon, President, Avia Design Group
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