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ActisenseComms SDK v1.200 I

ZIP 1.21MB. The Actisense Comms SDK has been developed to help simplify the interfacing of compatible Actisense products into a developers software environment.

9th November 2015
ActisenseComms SDK User Manual Issue 1.07

PDF 654 KB. The manual details everything you need to know about the ActisenseComms SDK.

9th November 2015
ActisenseComms C# Test Project v1.200 I

ZIP 1.78 MBThe ActisenseComms 'C# wrapper' Test Project is a complete C# working project that 'wraps up' the ActisenseComms DLL in C# friendly code. It allows the C-code interface of the ActisenseComms API to be used easily inside a .Net C# environment. All documentation, C# source code and an example 'Test' project necessary to understand, prove and use the ActisenseComms C# wrapper with the DLL is included. This file is password locked.

9th November 2015
“I can’t stress enough how clean the Actisense products installed, the quality of the equipment and NMEA cabling, and how well everything works.”
Joe Wharton, Wharton Boatworks LC, USA
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