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Firmware Release Notes
NCD-4 Control Centre v2.131 – Release Notes

TXT 9.25KB. The details required to decide if you should upgrade your NDC Control Centre software to the latest version. This could be due to new features, options, or 'bug fixes'.

25th February 2011
Software Release Notes
NDC-4 Control Centre v2.131

ZIP 1.75MB. The Control Centre PC software allows NDC owners to re-configure their products. Options allow selection of Baud rates for input and output NMEA ports, and for the NDC-1, NDC-2 & NDC-4 and the selection of which NMEA 0183 sentences to filter out.

This version of Control Centre is compatible with the NDC-1, NDC-2, NDC-3, NSW-1 and NDC-4. Each product's Full User Manual provides full operating details for this program.

24th February 2011
NSW-1 Actipatch v3.110

ZIP 1.71MB. The NSW-1 ActiPatch PC software allows users to update the firmware inside their NSW-1 to the latest version. For full details of how to perform this update, consult the NSW-1 User Manual.

19th October 2007
Firmware Release Notes
NSW-1 Actipatch v3.110 – Release Notes

TXT 4.35KB. The details required to decide if you should upgrade your NSW-1 firmware to the latest version. This could be due to new features, options, or 'bug fixes'.

19th October 2007
Multiple products
PC Software Installation Guide Issue 1.10
9th August 2006
Dimension Diagram
NSW-1 Dimension Diagram 5-82x80x55 Issue 1.10.pdf 160KB

PDF 1.10. The template is a very useful installation tool, it details the product's dimensions and useful installation tips.

13th December 2005
NSW-1-B User Manual Issue 1.30

PDF 507KB. The manual details everything you need to know about the NSW-1.

23rd November 2005
Data Sheets
NSW-1 Datasheet

PDF 254KB. The datasheet provides an overview of the NSW-1 features and abilities.

11th November 2005
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