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PC Software Installation Guide Issue 1.10
9th August 2006
PC Software Installation Guide Issue 1.10

PDF 380KB.

9th June 2006
Dimension Diagram
DST-1 Dimension Diagram 2-82x80x55 Issue 1.10

PDF 155KB. The template is a very useful installation tool, it details the product's dimensions and useful installation tips.

13th December 2005
Data Sheets
DST-1 Datasheet Issue 1.20

PDF 400KB. The datasheet provides an overview of the DST-1 features and abilities.

1st July 2005
"We have been working with Actisense for more than 9 years now. Our sales in terms of units raise to a 4 digit figure. As far as I can remember, we have returned just one NMEA Buffer back to the manufacturer under warranty. That says it all."
Alberto Olmos, Sales Director, Aage Hempel Crame
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