News | 21 January, 2015
EMU-1 Firmware and Configuration Tool Updates

Updated versions of the EMU-1 Configuration Tool (V1.031) are now available from the EMU-1 downloads page.

The newest version of the Configuration Tool (v1.031) includes the improvement of opening and closing the NGT-1 COM port and subsequent operation. The following gauges have also been added; Engine Oil Temperature, Engine Temperature, Transmission Oil Temperature and Engine Coolant Pressure.

Please read the release notes for each update for a more in-depth look at the new features and fixes.

The Actisense support team highly recommend that all users update to the latest versions of the Configuration Tool and ActiPatch to ensure you get the most out of your EMU-1.

All files are available on the EMU-1 Downloads page.

"We have been working with Actisense for more than 9 years now. Our sales in terms of units raise to a 4 digit figure. As far as I can remember, we have returned just one NMEA Buffer back to the manufacturer under warranty. That says it all."
Alberto Olmos, Sales Director, Aage Hempel Crame
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